Welcome, I'm exclusively offering telemental health counseling services that allow me the ability to offer Washington State residents convenient, individual counseling and psychotherapy sessions by your preferred method of telephone or video and it is my hope that this allows you greater access to counseling services. If this is new to you, let me reassure you that I'm experienced in cultivating authentic connection and a warm, supportive environment through the use of these platforms.

I serve adults ages 21 and over.

Specifically, I partner with clients who have displayed a tenacity to thrive, experienced adversities, and are driven by hope even if currently feeling unsatisfied. You may struggle with tuning into your needs leading to challenges in maintaining the right balance. You may be working toward cultivating a more positive relationship with yourself. You may be experiencing anxiety due to painful and stressful life experiences. You may be feeling destabilized due to traumatic memories, isolation, lack of structure, or due to uncertainty about your career path. I can partner with you as you reconnect with your authentic self, creating a more balanced and fulfilling life so you can live the life you want to live. I deeply value cultural differences and welcome the opportunity to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
Anxiety (generalized, social, phobia, and panic attacks)
Stress (life transitions, oppression, adjustment, injury, finances, career, etc.)
Depression (mild to moderate symptoms)
Relationship Issues (work, family, and friends)
Occupational, Educational, and Life Decisions
Coping & Mindfulness
Trauma History
Self Esteem
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